Important infrastructure across a number of industries requires regular maintenance. At the moment, most of this kind of work is done by crews, manually. Let’s imagine your business operates a bunch of cell towers that require monthly checks. Traditionally, these will be carried out with a combination of a crew, ropes, scaffolding, and ladders. Not only is this a slow and costly process, the results are often poor quality, too. Add this to the fact that many installations have to be switched off or closed while the inspection is underway, and you’ve got yourself a method of maintenance in desperate need of updating.

Take, for example, a standard wind turbine inspection. At the moment energy companies can expect to pay around $1,500 for a full crew to perform a full inspection. With a drone, the same level of inspection can be done at a price around 50% less, and without putting any people in harm’s way. Savings like this can be applied across the board, from bridges to tunnels, to offshore oil platforms.